Saturday, 20 February 2016

Friday 19 February 2016

4K-AI06 G550-parked all day (Gulf)
4K-AZ280 G280-hangared H125
9H-DDJ LJ75 (KER888)-a18:08-n/s
9H-ILV CRJ850-parkied all day (S80)
9H-MMM BD700 (JMK218)-n/s-d09:45
9H-SMB BD700 (ULC781)-n/s-d17:41
9H-VCJ (VJT492N)-a14:01-n/s (Pond)
9H-VCK CL350 (VJT405C)-n/s-d09:16
9H-VFH CL605 (VJT534V)-a10:42
9H-VJE GL6T (VJT859)-d08:34
A6-CBO BD700-n/s-d10:37
A6-CJE A319CJ-parked all day (Pond)
A6-KAH E190-parked all day (S71)
A9C-BAH G650 (BAH6)-a11:38-n/s (S58)
B-KEY GLF6-a04:06-n/s (Pond)
C-FLMK CL604-a19:07-n/s
CS-DKD G550-parked all day (S62)
CS-DKG G550-parked all day (S62)
CS-DKH G550-parked all day (S62)
CS-DKK G550 (NJE560A)-n/s-d12:50
CS-DRT HS125 (NJE078N)-n/s-d11:56 
CS-DRU HS125-parked all day
CS-DXP C56X (NJE893R/857B)-a11:15-d16:10-a20:21-n/s
CS-DXS C56X (NJE631B)-n/s-d08:51
CS-DXV C56X-parked all day
CS-GLA BD700-parked all day (S80)
CS-LAM BD700 (JME502M)-a16:40-d18:04
CS-PHD E55P (NJE295G)-n/s-d10:54
D-BEEP C750-a17:01-d18:10
D-CAPB C56X-a10:56-d12:42
G-CHUI C56X (EDC953)-a18:15
G-GLEG E135BJ-parked all day (Pond)
G-GXLS C56X (LNX52GX)-d08:41-a12:27-n/s
G-JAGA E55P (LNX23JG)-n/s-d09:25
G-JBLZ C550 (XJC01)-a17:43-d18:48
G-KALS CL300-parked all day
G-KLNE HS125 (SXN90E)-n/s-d09:07-a15:21-n/s (S58)
G-LALE E135BJ-parked all day (Pond)
G-LEAB C510-parked all day (Pond)
G-LEAC C510-parked all day
G-LEAI C510 (LNX01LE)-a13:29-n/s (Pond)
G-LEAX C56X (LNX21AX)-n/s-d14:25
G-LEAZ CL300 (LNX39AZ)-a20:09-n/s
G-PEPI E135BJ (LNX12GP)-a09:28-n/s (Pond)
G-SPUR C550 (LNX48PU)-a11:13-n/s (Pond)
G-SUGR E135BJ (EDC904L)-a17:49-n/s (Pond)
G-SYNA E135BJ-parked all day (S58)
G-THFC E135BJ-parked all day (Pond)
G-WIRG E135BJ (EDC942R)-n/s-d08:58
G-YEDC C525-parked all day (Pond)
G-ZNSF GLF5-parked all day (S71)
G-ZZOO G200 (PDY21B)-n/s-d13:28
HB-IGV FA50-n/s-d18:10
I-DLGH G450-parked all day (Gulf)
I-GURU LJ40-a16:07-n/s (Pond)
I-TOPX BE400-a08:39-n/s (S62)
LX-GJC A319CJ-parked all day (S80)
LX-LXL FA50EX (SVW51XL)-a16:44-n/s
LY-ZAB CRJ850-a14:54-n/s (S58)
M-ABDP HS125-parked all day (S62)
M-ACHO CL600-parked all day (Pond)
M-ARDI G550-n/s-d15:27
M-ASHI CL605-a11:00-d11:42
M-BADU G650-parked all day (S71)
M-FASH FA900-parked all day (Pond)
M-MDBD BD700-n/s-d08:43-a12:32-n/s
M-OEPL F900DX-parked all day (S62)
M-RLIV CL605-n/s-d12:14-a17:46-n/s (Pond)
M-UNIS BD700-a18:24-n/s (S58)
M-VRNY G550-a11:20-d14:40
M-YGLK G450-parked all day (S62)
N104AR G450-parked all day (S58)
N260Z G550-parked all day (S58)
N3877 BD700-parked all day (S62)
N394AK G4 (TTF470)-n/s-d16:14
N517DW G550-parked all day (Pond)
N586GV GLF5-n/s-d09:09-a18:28-n/s
N619SM F2THEX-n/s-d08:06
N71GE G450-a15:43-n/s (S80)
N881WT BD700-parked all day (S71)
N900LS BD700-n/s-d10:13
OE-IEN F2THEX (GLJ93EN)-a06:30-n/s (S62)
OE-IGS-parked all day (S62)
OE-IMF FA7X-d02:11
OE-INC BD700-parked all day (S80)
OK-UGJ C680 (TVS11J/12J)-a16:07-d17:23
OY-LGI BD700-Hangared
RA-02771 HS125 (LIN9617)-n/s-d10:29
S5-SAD GL5T (EAV32D)-a20:16-n/s
TC-KHB G450-parked all day (Gulf)
VP-CSK BBJ2-parked all day (S71)
VP-CJJ G650-parked all day (Pond)
VP-CZW BBJ-parked all day (S80)
VQ-BIJ F2000LX-Hangared
VQ-BLA GLF5-parked all day
VQ-BZM G450-parked all day (S80)
XA-CHK HS125-a08:15-d19:00
YU-SPC C56X (PNC3C)-a09:02-a13:25

Note this is a first draft and changes will be updated on the website
If anyone has any changes please e-mail myself or Ian Farquharson off list thank you.

Kind Regards

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